2016-06-25 7:03 PM

I’ve been taking some time off work and every now and then I’ve been working on a small arcade flight shooter game I currently call Lune.


I don’t have any harsh timelines or anything so I’ve been able to do things like completely scrap and re-implement the input and play control systems 3 times. It’s been interesting seeing how good the controls feel when I try different things like having the analog sticks control the players ship directly or having the analog sticks control the players reticle in screen space and have the ship try to “catch up” to the reticle.

There is no clear superior method from my tests so far. Each method has both positive and negative qualities. Right now what I’m doing is directly controlling the ship and then emitting 2 points along a ray originating from the player ship’s transform. I then convert the 2 points coordinates from world space to screen space and use those coordinates to determine where I should draw the aiming reticles on the screen.

Here is a youtube video of some of the gameplay.

Tags: lune unreal4