What Ive been playing #004

2015-09-09 6:32 AM


I recently got up very early in the morning so I could finally beat Bloodborne. As I suspected there is plenty of reason to go back and continue playing from New Game +. So if I can find the time then I’m certainly not done with this game yet.

I’m a really big fan of the Demon/Dark souls series so I expected to really enjoy this game and I did. The world is interesting, the art/graphics are very well done with a more consistent theme than usual. The game continues the tradition of telling a lot of the story and world lore by subtle events and environment in which the user must be observant to take it all in. I’ve always liked this way of presenting the world and lore rather than being to direct with explanatory dialogue or non-interactive cut scenes.

In the tradition of the series, gameplay rules are changed considerably from the other games. Shields are no longer a common itemand changes in combat mechanics make overly defensive play the least viable strategy of all the souls games. I really like this and feel this is one of my favorite changes to the souls gameplay. Fighting feels much more exciting now. Especially PVP.

Here’s some footage of me playing a very early part of the game so you don’t have to worry about spoilers.

Here’s some footage showing why you want to make sure you don’t play in bright lighting conditions and accidentally walk into a hole.

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