FGSL #004 Milestone 1 complete!

2015-04-12 11:20 AM

Writing this blog post is the last of my tasks for this milestone I set for the fighting game study log. The organizational mix of Trello, Google Drive, Slack and Github for managing this project might be slightly overkill for a one developer project. Mainly I think I probably didn’t need Slack.

That said, once I setup Slack and its integrations there was no further upkeep required so it hasn’t been a loss in time at all. Plus I can use my Slack integrations feed to put together a chronological log of the projects development.

So here were the major goals outlined in Trello for the first milestone which are now complete.


  • Make list of all character states and draw into a flowchart. There will be a future FGSL post on this specifically. - Design a button remapping system for the joystick interface. - Design a button remapping system for the keyboard interface. - Design milestone 2 goals. - Fix up character movement speeds now that the game runs on a set fixed timestep.


  • Look up videos and articles to get a clearer understanding of some of the more advanced fighting game terminology. - Look up basic fighting game joystick holding techniques. There will most likely be a FGSL post on this specifically.


  • Implement joystick interface - Implement global keyboard system (for non-player related keyboard input) - Remove Alex D’s gamepad input library and use GLFW’s for now. In the future I may return to using this library if GLFW’s is lacking. - Implement joystick remapper. - Split character data types into mutable and constant data. For instance a movement data and movement constants.


  • Write FGSL log #003 - Write FGSL log #004

Click to see the git log for milestone 1.


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