FGSL #003 Thoughts : Getting back into it

2015-03-24 11:00 AM

The last few months at work have been a tad exceptional and I’ve had to focus solely on work and use what little time I have to relax and spend time with friends and family. Now that things have begun to settle down I’ve promised myself I’d doone hour of development a day on personal projects. Any kind of development is fine as long as I’m learning.

One of the projects I want to spend time on is the fighting game studyproject I’m working on.So I’ve spent the mandatory weekend setting up my new computer with all my software and bringing over my projects.

I’ve now put the project up on source control. Needless to say the project is almost definitely going to chagne significantly in the future so I wouldn’t recommend forking it or anything at this point but in the interest of opennessit’s up on github.

I’ve also setup Trello for keeping track of milestones. Finally I setup Slack on the recommendation of a friend and because it seems to be the new team communication thing so I might as well get familiar with it. To be honest on a project with one team member it seems a bit excessive but maybe I can do something like use the slack feed to have a realtime project progress widget for the website.

The github page for the project can be found here :https://github.com/AlexMcGilvray/FightingGameStudyLog

The trello page for milestone #001 is available for here.https://trello.com/b/lhuXvdTa/fighting-game-study-log

The next blog post will be focusing on the milestone more in depth.

Tags: fgsl