Opposable Eating Habits is released

2014-10-09 3:18 PM

I decided to spend a few more hours on my 3 hour game jam entry “3 Hour Opposite”. It’s now called Opposable Eating Habits.

Half of the time was spent adding some of the gameplay elements I didn’t have time to add during the 3 hours period of the game jam. The other half was exploring Haxe/OpenFL/Haxeflixel’s multiplatform capabilities.

After a small amount of pre-amble the Haxe development stack works surprisingly well. Getting the game to run in both Android and native Windows was relatively quite easy. I would definitely consider using the Haxe stack for mobile development in the future.

You can get the game for Windows or Android at itch.io. Here is the link to the games profile page :


And here’s a screenshot of the game. It looks essentially the same as the 3 hour jam version :


Tags: haxeflixel