FGSL #001 : Introduction to the Fighting Game Study Log

2014-09-30 7:42 PM

I’ve begun a study of how fighting games are made and have decided to start a FGSL (Fighting Game Study Log) blog post series posting my findings and progress developing fighting game code.

Besides being a huge fan of fighting games I’m very interested in how you program a well made fighting game. To do my study I’ve decided to build a fighting game engine and game prototype. Experience making a fighting game is invaluable into learning how making a good fighting game is done. I need to try, fail, and learn about the different techniques that would be used to make a complex fighting game system.I don’t know how long this project will take offhand, I imagine it will go on quite a while at a slow but steady pace. I’ve found so far I’m spending more time reflecting on design than I am programming.

As a software developer, I’m very interested in how I would be able tomanage therelatively complex state machine logic of a fighting game character. I have some ideas which I’m implementing now but I’m sure I’ll learn a lot in the process and have a much better solution in the future.

Right now the game is done in C++ and uses OpenGL for rendering. I’m not using an engine because for this particular project there’s a level of control I want over game loop timing and device input that an engine typically abstracts away too much for my liking. I will get into more specifics on the libraries and technology I’m using in the FGSL blog post.

Over the course of this study I will be posting FGSL blog posts about my findings. They will roughly break up into a few differentcategoriessuch as :
  • Design : I will focus on different design issues in fighting games. These posts will be high level and won’t involve any programming code orimplementationdetails. - Development : Progress on the development of the fighting game I’m writing. - Implementation Spotlights : Articles on how I implemented a specific design feature. These will include code samples. - Thoughts : On topic fighting game posts that don’t necessarily fit into the other categories

I’m hoping to gain a lot of new knowledge across many different disciplines by doing this study. Some of the categories of knowledge I hope to improve in from this study include game design, c++, game programming, complexfinitestate machine implementation & art.I hope my findings also prove useful to other people studying similar topics.

Here is a image of the game as it currently stands, the progress of this photo actually reflects where I am development-wise in blog #004 in this series.


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