Sleeping Dogs Definitive Editon

2014-09-27 1:18 AM

The past 6 months I’ve been working at United Front Games and it’s been really great. It’s a lot of hard work but it’s really interesting work and I’m learning a ton from some of the very seasoned programmers I work with.

The first game I’ve worked on at UFG is now announced : Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition. It’s been great working on a game I’m personally interested in. It really drives me to want to make the game as good as I possibly can.

Here’s some screenshots of the game.

resources/images/2014/09/sleeping-dogs-definitive-edition-crumple_1920.jpg resources/images/2014/09/sleeping-dogs-definitive-edition-world_1920.jpg resources/images/2014/09/sleeping-dogs-definitive-edition-brutal_1920.jpg

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