Cyberpunk Gamejam Entry : Arial Society

2014-03-18 6:07 AM

I recently entered the week-long Cyberpunk gamjam sponsored by and presented by Deviever.

Due to work I was only able to really spend about 4-5 half days on the game working casually. It was quite fun but I did make some mistakes in relation to the scope and timeline. I’ll address that in a post-mortem that I’m working on.

During development I made a dedicated blog for the development of the game. I updated this very frequently. Whenever I had something new to show, even if it was generally minor I would post about it. This served as a good way to determine how effective I’ve been as well as serve as motivation to continue development. I think I’ll be definitely doing this in the future.

The game was developed using the Haxe OpenFL HaxeFlixel stack and development went great. The development stack will definitely be a key positive in my post mortem.

You can see the development blog for the game here :

Short gameplay video

Some screenshots



Tags: gamejam haxeflixel