Japan Week #20 Ni-Jo Jo

2013-07-20 5:14 AM

In the weekend of week 20 we went to Ni-Jo Jo. From what I recall this was a palce where the king once lived. I would have loved to be able to share some interior photos but that is forbidden at Ni-Jo Jo. The interior is very impressive though. If you are in Kyoto I would definitely say this is a place you should visit.


This is a view of the house area for the king from a high vantage point in the corner of the courtyard. It’s about 2-3 stories in the air looking down.


Another shot from outside the courtyard walls.


Another shot along the outside of the center courtyard. Lots of good environment art inspiration here.


The garden along the outside of the castle is kept immaculate and trimmed to the smallest detail.

resources/images/2013/07/04.pngMore of the garden.

Anyways Ni-Jo Jo was a great place to visit. You can easily spend a few hours there just looking around. Definitely worth the visit if you are in Kyoto city.

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