PSM Resources

2013-06-18 2:41 AM

This article intends to expose all the resources for PSM in one handy place.


Game From Scratch PSM Tutorials

This is a great place to quickly get up to speed using the PSM GameEngine2D framework. There are some basic hello world tutorials as well as a 5 part tutorial on making a game from scratch using GameEngine2D.

There are also other tutorials for using some of the PSM specific tools such as the UI composer.

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Levelism Tutorials

I’ve written a few tutorials for PSM on this site. They focus more on understanding the rendering backend and OpenGL. In the future there will be tutorials for a PSM game engine I’m developing (approx end of July 2013).

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PSM Documentation

The PSM documentation has 10 tutorials introducing some of the various elements of PSM. To see these simply open up your PSM documentation and go to the section “Program Guide”

PSM also comes with many sample projects you can study to get a better idea of how to use PSM.


Seraph of Games From Scratch has authored and published a book on PSM. This is currently the only textbook resource I know of for PSM. You can purchase it physically or digitally here:


Currently the main active community for PSM is on the official PSM developer forums. You can ask questions and get replies from the PSM engineers here. The website address is:

If anyone has any suggestions or resources I’ve overlooked please let me know and I’ll update the article.

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