Lil Commando Week #2 : Progress and Mayan Calendar Goal

2012-12-09 9:51 AM

Got some good hours in this weekend for Lil Commando. I’m trying to make the IndieGoodbye goal to release the game you are working on before the end of the Mayan Calendar which is December 21 2012. It involves a website and the twitter hashtag The website address is

Some of the stuff I got complete this weekend are:

  • Tree and grass props - Text Events - Player SMG muzzle flash and dashing art - Level 1-1 background - Accuracy system - Rank system - End of level logic - Sounds - Prop system - Scuba-Ninja enemy art

I”ve started using Astrid for task management. So far it’s very nice. Time will tell if it becomes a permanent fixture in my life.

Here is the current screenshot for screenshot saturday:


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