New Flash Game I’m Working on : Lil’ Commando

2012-12-01 7:02 AM

So recently Sony support has really been giving me a very difficult time dealing with the fact I can’t add funds to myCanadianPSN account to pay for my PSM developer license from Japan. It’s been quite frustrating. I would however like to point out that this does not reflect on the PSM Vita development team. They are awesome and very helpful to the extent they have the authority to do so.

So anyways since my PSM projects are temporarily on hold I’ve gotten into some lessstressfulFlash game development again. I decided to go for a game type similar to some of te old arcade games where you had a player on the bottom of the screen who could only move left and right which having a reticle to aim their gun upwards towards enemies. I’m not sure if this genre has an exact name. Perhaps Aiming-Platformer? If anyone knows please let me know.

It’s been really fun just working on the game rather than the framework or too much art. I’m going with the Cactus philosophy for this game which essentially is to cut everything down that prevents you from focusing on the game itself. The result is a project that is always a lot of fun to work on. Anyways in the vein of #ScreenshotSaturday I present a lone photo of the current progress of Lil’ Commando:


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