Awesome Flash Games Part 1

2012-11-27 1:35 AM

Tobes Hookshot Escape

Tobe’s Hookshot Escape is a game where the screen is constantly moving upwards and you have a hookshot that shoots vertically up. If you hit a platform above you the hookshot pulls you up onto the platform. The levels are mostly randomly generated. From a cursory glance it randomly assembles hand build chunks of level data.

The game is great fun, takes about 1 min to figure out the basic gameplay and varies enough to stay interesting. The music is great and the graphics are charming.



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Deepak Fights Robots

Deepak Fights Robots is a sort of platformer puzzle game which has been compared to Bubble Bobble in the past. I think the similarities stem from the one screen levels and the fact that when you beat a level you are picked up and moved into the next level. Although in this case instead of being moved into the next level inside a giant bubble you are picked up by what looks like a stoned helicopter hat.

The main point of the game is to collect little nuclei around the level. Once you catch all the nuclei a large nuclei appears. Picking it up turns you into super-Deepak and gives invincibility and the power to fly. At that point you clean up all the enemies and are taken to the next level.

The author of this game touts on his website that games should have a simple learning curve, be fun and not require learning 16 buttons with specialized functions. He certainly lives up to his design beliefs with this game.

The soundtrack is also awesome. It’s a sort of psychadelic sitar collection of songs.

Game is great fun and really easy to get into. There’s even a level editor if you choose to donate/buy the game for 4.99$



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One of the best one button games around. You are playing someone who jumps out of a skyscraper and you jump from one roof of a skyscraper to the next. There is only one button to jump therefore the learning time is about 15 seconds.

I’m not a huge fan of touch-screen only games but the control scheme on this game makes it great for an Android or iPhone.

This was also the game that launched the Flixel library. Flixel is a wonderful little free library for writing flash games very quickly. I’m a huge Flixel fan.



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