Japan Week #02 Danjiri Festival in Kishiwada

2012-09-19 2:39 PM

Many things have happened in Japan so I have to cut a lot of stuff out to avoid boring any readers.

This weekend we went to the annual Danjiri festival. In a ignorant nutshell it’s a large festival where all day giant heavy wooden floats pulled by hundreds of people race down streets in Kishiwada. From what I’m told people tend to die every year. I can believe it, the floats get enormous momentum and are surrounded by many people. While we were at the festival I saw no less than 10 ambulances race by. Also saw someone being dragged out who seemed to be suffering from a combination of fatigue and a sprained ankle.

If you want to know more about the festival you can check my better halfs blog about the festival as well. She is Japanese and knows a lot more about the festival than I do. You can see it here:


Here is a video I compiled from the footage I took at the festival.

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