First Flixel Game : The Loop 2

2010-02-17 6:30 AM

I cant even remember exactly how I came across Flixel but I’m glad I did. I just meant to give it a quick look one night when I didnt have anything to do, man did i ever get addicted to Flixel. It’s a great 2D library built on top of Flash/actionscript.

This game represents about 6-7 hours work including learning Flixel, doing all the art, and learning what AS3 I needed to know to learn Flixel. I also used a program called Flan to make the tilemaps used for the levels.

Unfortunately wordpress doesn’t play that well with embedding flash but you can play the game here :

Otherwise you can see a youtube video of the gameplay:

One interesting thing I didn’t realize was that actionscript can be done completely in a coding environment now and doesn’t require flash or any other paid software. Just the free IDE Flashdevelop!

You can check out Flixel here:

You can also check out Flan here :

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