Akumamatada Dev video #2

2009-10-23 4:39 AM

As you can see I thought of a better name for the game than “Akumas Quest”

Since the last version I’ve done the following:

-Added in collisions

-Added in an enemy and enemy manager class

-Added in scoring

-Added in a very hacked on FSM for the start menu

I’ve learned a ton from this project. One thing in particular is after starting to pass a lot of classes around it became very apparent why it’s good to make an interface for a class you only have one instance of then register it as a service. I’ve heard this is called the singleton pattern. Definitely seems to keep the code less messy since a lot of my classes need usually one or 2 things from another class.

One other thing to note is next time I do a game, I’ll make sure I have a very well thought finite state machine in place first. Trying to implement a decent FSM after the game was started proved to be too much of a burden.

You may notice there’s some diagnostic text in the top left, it’s telling you what state Akuma is in, whether a collision succeeded and whether the irrelevant enemies were removed from memory.

I still have to add some more gameplay code. The point of the game will be that Akuma must protect his stash of pizza and comics on the left side of the screen from increasingly difficult waves of enemies.

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