Note to self : Learn the programming language before learning the API

2009-05-28 5:29 PM

resources/images/2009/05/chilitreatquestmay281-300x216.jpgA shot of a early version of Chilis Treat Quest

I have recently been reading Aaron Reeds XNA3.0 book for beginners without actually knowing C# to begin with. I have taken some entry level c++ programming nearly 7 years ago and my knowledge is rusty at best. Despite that, I’ve been having a blast going through the book and doing my own takes on his game projects. I did however order a few books from the same publisher Oreilly on the topics of C# so I can get to know some basics I’ve most likely overlooked.

I’m currently developing a game starring my cats Bug and Chili called “Chili’s Treat Quest”. It’s very similar to the first half of the XNA3.0’s 2D game project but I’m trying to do a few small modifications. Namely using different functionality for the sprites, nothing too far off at this point. For instance one enemy spawns and bounces around like a old screensaver until a certain number of bounces is met. At that point the sprite leaves the screen. Ideally I would like the number of bounces to be tied to the level that you’re currently playing but I haven’t gotten so far as implementing levels of difficulty yet.

I hope to have the game fairly complete by next week and then move onto a sidescrolling platformer type game in which my significant other will be doing the art for.

Tags: xna