Green Village

Game info

LevelName Green Village
ReleaseStatus Released
ReleaseDate 2001
DevelopmentTime Appox 6 months
Category GoldSource Engine


Over 5 years ago I joined up with the original FAS team to work on a follow up to one of my most cherished gaming memories. Firearms Halflife.

Most of us had never taken on a entire mod and we learned just how much of a huge undertaking it is to make a game of this scope. There were many growing pains but we managed to push through and release a product we are all very proud of. If you had told me 4 years ago that Firearms would be released at such a polished state I would have never believed you.

I have held the roles of team lead, lead level designer, level designer and have taken on a vast amount of responsibilities. Everything from environment art to animation scripting to wrestling with the engine.

TODO : Post more screenshots and youtube videos TODO : Post cross links to level's you authord for this game