Super Hyper Mega Deluxe Earth Annihilation

Game info

Platforms Flash
GameName Super Hyper Mega Deluxe Earth Annihilation
ReleaseStatus Released
ReleaseDate 2011/01
DevelopmentTime 48 hours
ProgrammingLanguages AS3
LibrariesUsed Flixel
Category Jams
Team Ryan Sheffer, Abdon Cox, Jason Bolanos, Anonymous game jam friends


This is a game I developed in a team of 6 at the 2011 Global Game Jam at BCIT. The game is a top-down space shooter with the theme “Extinction”.

It was a blast. When you first start you question whether you can make a game in 48 hours with a team you’ve never worked with or even met in the past. That fear quickly goes away when you realize that this a room packed with 119 other developers who all share the same passion and drive as you. These are people who are gladly paying to deprive themselves of sleep for 3 days in order to develop games with other like minded people. I met so many great like-minded people.

I can’t wait until the NEXT global game jam!