Race Condition

Game info

Platforms Windows
GameName Race Condition
ReleaseStatus Released
ReleaseDate 2012/05
DevelopmentTime 3 weeks part time
ProgrammingLanguages C#
LibrariesUsed XNA
Category Indie


Race Condition is a game I made with a group of 4 other students from my Technical Programming class at BCIT. We developed the game in about 3 weeks part-time among finals and other classes.

The game is a local-only multiplayer-only game where players are a car escaping the police at the left side of the screen. Players must collect coins while attacking other players or trying to ram them into the police. If a player touches the police they get thrown forward and lose their coins in a style similar to when Sonic is hit. There is a small selection of weapons including a mounted machine gun, missile and flamethrower. You can damage players enough to take them out of the game for a while. The player who has the most coins at the end of a round is the winner.

This game turned out very fun to play in a group party atmosphere. Every time we played we had a blast. I just wish I owned more Xbox PC controllers and my cat would stop eating the cord on my existing ones.

This was also one of the better experiences I’ve had on a team project. Everyone on the team was awesome. Sometimes in college projects you get people oon your team who tend to avoid work for various reasons, in the case of our team everyone was constantly not only asking what they can do to help but actively finding things to do that will help improve our project. We had a great project manager named Guillaume who made sure that we met the more bureaucratic requirements of the project. It was a great experience and I would work again with anyone on that team.