Been a long time since a coding/XNA post : Akuma’s Quest dev video 001

2009-10-15 3:57 AM

I’ve spent some free time int he summer studying C# and XNA in preparation for school and just for the fun of game development. Years ago I did some introductory classes in programming at college, mostly in c++. I did well gradewise but all the exercises were about fundementals like making linked lists and pointer management, basically all console programs. I coulnd’t quite grasp how that would come together to form a useful windows program, much less a game.

After getting back into programming through C#/XNA I’ve managed to stay a lot more motivated than before. The language has had the effect of making c++ more understandable. I’m looking forward to really getting into the guts of the SourceSDK eventually.

So I have today some video footage of what is actually my first 2 projects:

The first is LemurLib, a 2D platforming game library that currently handles texture management, cel animation (both snap and linear), input handling, and has a premade protagonist class so you can get a character running in game with only a few lines of code and a textuer.

The second is Akuma’s quest, a personal project full of lifted sprites that promises to be both terrible and blashphemous. In the video you have the basic player character moving around with a teleport for fast movement and 2 attacks. The background is a quick parallax hack that I plan to replace with a well thought out implementation for the library.

One thing I’ve learned from this so far is that I really should have included a play duration parameter when you submit an animation to the animation manager, relying on the animation to just play perfectly without any sort of time comparison doesnt seem to work very well.

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