Alex McGilvray


June 15th, 2009

This is another map I did for Jungle Mist. This is one of my many attempts to get some semblance of dense foliage in the GolfSource engine.

The Jungle Mist/Incursion/Firearms|Source story

June 14th, 2009

Firearms|Source took a while to begin mainly because no one started until permission to use the name was given. That didn’t stop some of us from making other modern weapons mods that may or may not have been inspired from Firearms|Halflife.

Around 2003 I joined a mod called Jungle Mist:

I believe the the mod was started by Mazor of Firearms|Halflife & Venom Game Labs & Ganj, one of the sound designers from Firearms|Halflife. The game was pretty much fully playable but we never released and moved onto the Source engine. At that point people went their various ways and the content made for Jungle Mist was eventually merged into Incursion for Source (which was then once again merged into Firearms|Source).

Around 2004-05 Jungle Mist was combined into Incursion:

I actually can’t remember for the life of me who founded Incursion but I joined and we made progress on weapons and maps but lacked a coder, I eventually took over as lead and did some coding. My coding skills were rusty though and I didn’t manage to do much outside of getting new player models running in game, weapons running in-game, and some very basic gameplay that was so inherited I feel wrong for saying any of it was my doing :). I was working off a base code developed by Anders, a FAS OTF regular.

Finally around 2006 I heard Firearms|Source had begun development with the very talented coder artist combo of Issa and Maggie. They were a bit limited on the art and Incursion had a fair amount of art and artists but no code so we initiated a merge.

Now 3 years later Firearms|Source is almost ready for release. I cant wait to do the “it’s been a long ride” post.


June 14th, 2009

This was a map I worked on for the mod Jungle Mist for the Halflife/GoldSource engine. This is one of 3 maps I did, a smaller map the main chokepoint centered on a steep city hill. In case you didn’t realize, that’s how the map got it’s totally original name.

DMOD : A Side Scrolling Source Engine Mod

June 12th, 2009

This was a mod team I was briefly involved with. The mod died out fairly quickly. It’s too bad because i would have loved to see a side scroller on the source engine (hell sidescrollers in general are some of my favourite types of games).

I do remember hearing about a released side scrolling mod for the Source engine, I’ll have to try to look that up at some point.

Anyways I did a first set of level’s these are the salvaged shots from the mod.