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Preview #01 of my new PSM/Vita game Neko Rush

Here’s the first screenshots of my new game NekoRush. It’s first game for the PSP-Vita / PSM. It’s a continuous runner where you are a cat running through the neighborhood and must recruit other cats while avoiding obstacles. The two main cats you play as are my cats that are currently staying with my family in Canada while I’m in Japan.

Cat artwork is done my talented SO when she has time.

This is also using the custom 2D engine I developed for PSM. I’ve been doing a lot of reworking on it over the weekend and hope to eventually be able to release it to the public for anyone to use.




Vita PSM Tutorial #2 Part 1 : Drawing Something on the Screen : Shaders

I’ve finished part 1 of my second Vita tutorial for beginners and people who wish to learn more about the inner workings of the PSP-Vita graphical units and how OpenGL works. This one looks over the example code of the PSM simple graphics sample and explains what is going on in depth.

Because of the large amount of concepts introduced in this code the tutorial is broken up in to multiple parts. The first 2 parts will focus on Shader Programs. Here is part 1 of the second tutorial.

Tutorial #2 Part #1 : Drawing Something on the Screen : Shader Programs

New tutorial series for Vita PSM Developers

I noticed that some people were having some trouble with the PSM Vita tutorials and example code so I wrote some tutorials that go over them in depth. If you are a beginner game programmer and are having a little trouble understanding what is going on with the PSM examples and tutorials then these might be useful for you.

Here is a link to part 1 which explains everything you see when creating a new PSM project:

Tutorial #1: Explaining the code in a New Project