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lil’ Commando Episode 1 : The Secret Army Released!




Well after staying up very late the last week I managed to get Lil Commando Episode 1 done!

I’m quite happy with it although right now I’ve made it to my tastes for difficulty so it’s a little too hard for most casual players. I’ll be spending some time this weekend working on the balance and adding a few more sounds. I’m using Mochi for distribution and they have an awesome live update feature so I can quietly roll out balance and sound updates very easily. In regards to how easy they make it for the developer I’m quite a fan.

I’ll also be adding support for a high score board and some backend features using their api over the next week as well.

Anyways without further ado. You can play the game here!

Play lil’ Commando Episode 1 : The Secret Army Released

Lil Commando version 2 done

Just finished up lil Commando version 2. Large changelog. Looks like I should make it for the indiegoodbye deadline. Find out about indiegoodbye here.

Here is the changelog:

  • New art
  • HUD
  • Reloading on weapons
  • Main menu
  • Credits menu
  • Instructions menu
  • Dash graphics
  • Gameplay statistics
  • Scoring and combo system
  • Water ninjas!
  • Gunboat enemy
  • Enemy lifebars
  • New weapons sounds (Thanks Vinne from Firearms-Source! )
  • Dash meter
  • Can now dash with S key
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4
  • Endgame/Startgame logic

In the new screenshot we have water ninjas and gunboats!


Finally you can play the current version play. Leave a comment if you have any suggestions. It’s greatly appreciated :)

Play version2 here!

Lil Commando Week #2 : Progress and Mayan Calendar Goal

Got some good hours in this weekend for Lil Commando. I’m trying to make the IndieGoodbye goal to release the game you are working on before the end of the Mayan Calendar which is December 21 2012. It involves a website and the twitter hashtag #indiegoodbye. The website address is http://indiegoodbye.com/

Some of the stuff I got complete this weekend are:

  • Tree and grass props
  • Text Events
  • Player SMG muzzle flash and dashing art
  • Level 1-1 background
  • Accuracy system
  • Rank system
  • End of level logic
  • Sounds
  • Prop system
  • Scuba-Ninja enemy art

I”ve started using Astrid for task management. So far it’s very nice. Time will tell if it becomes a permanent fixture in my life.

Here is the current screenshot for screenshot saturday:

New Article Series : Awesome Flash Games

I’ve started a small series of articles informing people about some of the awesome flash games there are out there. If you are looking to kill some time and have a web browser these articles can help. I’ll be focusing on both the larger and smaller games. Basically whatever is really fun gets covered. The plan is 3 games per article. There is no set timeline but currently 3 articles are complete and the backlog of games is enough for at least 7.

So without further ado here is part1 of the Awesome Flash Games Series. This one covers Tobe’s Hookshot Escape, Deepak Fights Robots and Canabalt.

Click Here to go to the Awesome Flash Games Part 1 Article

Strict(er) Game Development : A game in 70 hours.

Recently I’ve come into a situation where I have a bit of time before college starts up again for me in January 2012.

I’ve decided to take advantage of the time and study up on both the more difficult topics I will be taking at school and personal projects.

One of these projects is to make a ultra cut down version of a game I’ve been designing on and off for about 2 years. I will be developing in Flash using the Flixel library.

The goal is to make a full game in 70 working hours or less. This estimate includes everything from design through execution. This is to test my ability to manage my time and project scope.

I’m using the time tracking program Grindstone to track how I spend my development time. Once I’m done I’ll break down how I allocated my time on each aspect of the game.

I guess you define the genre a top-down action-RPG. I’m 12 hours into the game and have the basic NPC AI working, weapons ingame, and a basic level. I’m very happy with how the code is working out right now. I’ve managed to avoid the temptation to bloat the classes in order to cover all possibilities. Every chance I get to simplify my code I take. As a result so far implementing the gameplay elements has been relatively easy compared to past projects.

I’m now at a point where the basic mechanics are in game. I need to step away from the computer and start working on hammering out the game design. I estimate it will take 2-4 hours to get a decent plan going.

My experience with Flixel and Actionscript3 is really helping this time around. I spent a fair amount of time making a NPC system that uses baked rotations and still animates so that I can avoid the very large performance penalties of drawing a rotated sprite.

Now that the more mundane task of setting up the foundation for the game is complete I’m very excited to work on implementing the gameplay systems.

Ludum Dare 18 : Make a game from scratch in 48 hours.

So I decided to enter Ludum Dare 18! I never thought I’d be able to get a game done in 48 hours but I made it and managed to get my submission in!

You can play it here (it’s a flash game) :


You can also see a time lapse of me developing the game here:

Update for May 2010 : What I’ve been up to

Long time since my last post. Been finishing up school and havent had a lot of time for getting things done. Looking forward to finishing up a lot of projects this summer, some that have spanned 4 years. Here is a breakdown of where I’m at:

Firearms|Source : Valve Source Engine mod

I’ve been involved with this mod (and it’s previous mods before the merge) for over 4 years now. I would have never guessed it would take this long but then again I didnt know a lot about game development at the time when I joined. One of the best things about this project is due to necessity I ended up learning a passable knowledge about many aspects of game development, from character rigging/animation to code to general engine function. I would agree with the people who say that working on and completing a mod is probably more important to learning game development than taking some kind of game development course (and a hell of a lot cheaper). It’s good for training yourself to find answers to problems yourself rather than rely on a superior.

FAS should be released sometime in the month of July 2010! As per the timeline we posted here :


The Loop : Flixel Game

I’ve been working on this game in short 4-6 hour bursts when I have a brief moment or can’t take any more mathematics homework.  The gameplay is done, I’m having trouble writing the story though. I have a LOT of trouble with writing, I have the ideas in my head but I can’t articulate them well ingame. Hopefully a large bag of summer reading novels will help me get into the spirit.

The Loop should be released in June. After working on a 4+ year project it’s insanely satisfying to be able to make a whole game with all my own art, music and code in a matter 3 months on a very part time basis.

I can see Flixel being a part of my game development life for a long time (assuming flash doesnt get killed by HTML5) . Working with it is what I might consider game development stress relief.

Willow Engine : XNA Engine

I’ve begun developing the Willow Engine for fast XNA 2D game prototyping and development. I’ve been working on 2D game libraries for the last year on XNA but I had also been learning .NET and C# at the same time so naturally I made a lot of questionable design decisions while learning. Now that I have a much firmer grasp on C#/.NET/XNA I’ve begun to pursue something far more “professional” in nature.

The Willow Engine will consist of a few things:

  • The Game Library DLL
  • A Tilemap editor
  • A sprite editor

So far I haven’t begun on the tools, I’m currently in college learning .NET winforms development, so I plan on taking that on once I’m further into my winforms studies. As for the DLL, here is what I’ve completed:

  • Input management : Basic input management
  • Tile Engine/Tilemaps : Pretty basic tile engine
  • State Management : There is an emphasis on making this very easy
  • A Base -> Sprite -> Entity class heiarchy for game objects
  • SpriteLayers : for managing rendering more easily, everything must be committed to a sprite layer, currently no object has the ability to draw itself, I’m trying to keep it that way.
  • Animations : I’ve written a 2D animation system about 4-5 times and have a good idea of what I need. Easy submission and use of animations.
  • ToolBox : A Set of tool functions that exist in a global class. Some features include a texture repository to avoid duplicate textures in memory, housing for the input manager, & sound management.
  • 2D camera system : This has been fun to implement, it’s interesting to see how linear algebra is interpreted in programming code.  Currently only supports translation but rotation/scale is being worked on.

A short list of features I plan to work on

  • Entity > Physics : A physics adhering sprite for simple collisions
  • Particle Emitters : self explanetory
  • Defferred Rendering

I’m still deciding on whether to release this to the public. I think once the tools are done and I reach alpha I’ll release the engine for others to use.

Big thanks to Cale Dunlap & Venom Game Labs for providing SVN space and coding advice on this project. My singletons would still probably be not working if it was for his help. You can visit his site here :



Cult Retribution : XBLIG Game

I have teamed up with artist Shea Lane to make our first XBLIG release. It will be a top down shooter with light RPG elements in the vein of a Diablo skill tree. It will have a fairly dark artistic style which Shea is doing entirely.  Concept and design has REALLY ramped up over the last couple months and Shea has been banging out concept art and game art. I will be posting up some concept and possibly in game shots in the very near future.

PS_Caliber : Source engine map (I’m still mapping!)

While I have been coding a lot, I never plan to give up on level design and mapping, I have too much of a passion for it. I’ve now taken on the adage  that all my future maps should have ideally 100% of the assets created by me. So everything you see these shots, models, textures etc are all custom stuff I did the last month or so.

The map aims to fill the void FAS currently has for outdoor open maps. Historially it’s been very hard to get a outdoor map that both feels open yet doesnt alienate the FAS style of gameplay. I hope that this time around I achieve the right balance.

I’ve attached a few screen of it’s current very early state.

First Flixel Game : The Loop 2

I cant even remember exactly how I came across Flixel but I’m glad I did. I just meant to give it a quick look one night when I didnt have anything to do, man did i ever get addicted to Flixel. It’s a great 2D library built on top of Flash/actionscript.

This game represents about 6-7 hours work including learning Flixel, doing all the art, and learning what AS3 I needed to know to learn Flixel. I also used a program called Flan to make the tilemaps used for the levels.

Unfortunately wordpress doesn’t play that well with embedding flash but you can play the game here :


Otherwise you can see a youtube video of the gameplay:

One interesting thing I didn’t realize was that actionscript can be done completely in a coding environment now and doesn’t require flash or any other paid software. Just the free IDE Flashdevelop!

You can check out Flixel here: http://flixel.org/

You can also check out Flan here : http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=7574.0