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This was a map I made for Firearms|Halflife and also had planned to port to Jungle Mist. Looking back now it’s a very rough approximation of the central area. I couldn’t model the roads out of the area because of the FAGoldSource limitations of 800 polygons in the scene at any given time.

I made textures from photos I took on my 0.4 megapixel camera during the time I spent in Sayulita.


This was a map I did as a collaboration with Franz Lang, another custom mapper for the original firearms halflife. This was one of the first projects I did as a team. It went quite well and the map turned out to be quite fun. It was the first time I had to get used to another mappers habits. Definitely a good learning experience.

Franz, if you’re out there drop me a message.

Also note the sweet nintendo blaster model replacement in one of the shots :)


This was a map I made for Firearms halflife. I was at a more intermidiate level of mapping skill at that point that I tried a few new things including:

-Making partially transparent gradient textures to imitate light beams

-Made a 3dmodel consisting of planes with a opaque grass texture to get volumetric grass before it was seen in video games often

The map was a 5 point push map that went through a small spooky town. One team began in a crypt while the other team began in a underground freemason church. I never played a full server with this map but the small games I did play were a blast.