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Akumamatata dev video #3 : Game is done

Finished up Akumamatata the other night. This would be the first full library and game I managed to make without having to constantly resort to a book or reference somewhere. I’m finally starting to get a grip on XNA, at least the 2D portion of it.

Over the next while I’ll be doing a handful of 2D projects this time with original content drawn by me and some friends.

Anyways here’s a vid of Akumamatata, no download link of course for obvious reasons :)


This was a map I did as a collaboration with Franz Lang, another custom mapper for the original firearms halflife. This was one of the first projects I did as a team. It went quite well and the map turned out to be quite fun. It was the first time I had to get used to another mappers habits. Definitely a good learning experience.

Franz, if you’re out there drop me a message.

Also note the sweet nintendo blaster model replacement in one of the shots :)