Alex McGilvray


December 20th, 2011


Developers and friends I’ve worked with.

Shea Lane

Artist that I’m currently working with on Cult Retribution.

Ryan Sheffer

Blog of Ryan Sheffer, developer of mods such as Missing Information,”GTA Liberty City mod and Obsidian Conflict. Very talented programmer, has taught me a lot about game programming.


Alex Jordan is a fellow developer who I met through Firearms. He worked on the original Firearms Halflife. He has recently released the game Cute Things Dying Violently which has received much critical acclaim.

Velvety Couch

Graham Davis is also a oldschool Firearms Halflife developer who’s maps I was a very big fan of. Particularly ps_river. He is currently working on a Unity game called BankShot.

Daniel Miede

Daniel Miede is the current leader of the Firearms|Source team and is working on getting version 2 released. He currently does a large amount of game and level design for Firearms|Source.

Bob Gneu

Bob Gneu is a programmer who I met through the Firearms|Source team. Great guy and talented programmer.

Cale Dunlap

Cale Dunlap is a programmer who has worked on tons of Valve engine mods including both versions of Firearms|Source. Also a great guy and talented programmer.