Alex McGilvray

lil Commando Episode 1 : The Secret Army

2013/01/21 10:57:46 AM


Platform : Flash

Technology Used : Flixel

Genre : Platforming Shooter

Status : Released, play here!

Development Time : 4 weeks

lil Commando is a game I developed while I was sorting out my PSM developers license. I was feeling a little down because I hadn’t been making progress on my own projects lately. I was getting work done at my job and for other contractors I worked for but personally I felt like I wasn’t growing.

I’ve always loved the arcades. I grew up in the arcades and felt there seemed to be a big lack of platform shooting gallery type games. I loved Nam1975 on the NeoGeo. I decided to relieve some stress  I would pick up Flixel again and make a game I wanted to play.

The experience was so good for the soul. It really reminded my why I choose to make games.

People seemed to appreciate the game and it even got picked up for a post on and!

You can see the articles here:


You can watch the trailer here :