Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition

Game info

Platforms PS4 Xbox One PC
GameName Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition
ReleaseStatus Released
ReleaseDate 2014/10/10
ProgrammingLanguages C++ Skookum Script
Category AAA
Developer United Front Games
Publisher Square Enix


This is the first project I worked on at United Front Games. Was a great experience where I learned a ton and met many great developers. A lot of the work I did was relating to file system streaming logic to meet XboxOne/PS4 requirements. The game needed to be instantly playable upon inserting the disc which can be a bit of a challenge for open world games.

I also worked on a lot of compliance related work for the next gen consoles (TRC/XR's) as well as some light UI related work.

I'm a huge fan of the Vita so I asked for a little bit of extra time to work on making the Vita remote play controller mappings better than the defaults.