Alex McGilvray

Game Changer

2013/08/18 1:51:39 AM


Platform : Flash / Web

Technology Used : Flixel / ActionScript 3

Genre : Platformer

Team : Akari Nakashige, Marysia McGilvray, Ray (from school I forget his last name!), Jason Bolanos and Matthew Fisher.

Status : Complete

Development Time  48 Hours

About 6 weeks ago I attended the IAmAGamer Game jam with a focus on a strong female protaganist. We ended up making a game called GameChanger where you play a piece of concept art with a female protaganist who’s been thrown away due to an order from management.

The game involves you returning and entering the computer with the source code, traversing the levels and getting yourself in the game. It was quite fun, I got to see a lot of schoolmates I haven’t seen and my sister helped out with music while my partner did art.