Deathning Dev vid #2

Here’s an update to the parallaxing background test I was doing before. I added a bullet manager, some collisions and “camera code” to keep the view on the player. I also went out and bought a xbox360 controller so I can start coding for its inputs and it is very nice.

4 thoughts on “Deathning Dev vid #2”

  1. Well, I’ve realized over the years I still have a special place in my heart for 2D sidescrollers.

    I would love to do a small scope sidescrolling RPG. Right now the biggest issue is graduating from relatively small projects to a larger codebase. I’m not sure if I have good enough coding habits to maintain a large codebase and keep it readable. Just gotta keep practicing.

  2. Sure you do. Just remember that discrete classes in separate files are your friends. Don’t put everything in your namespace into just a few files, and name each file after the class in question. Use lots of handler/manager static classes and put relevant helper structs at the top of the file that the relevant class is in.

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