Alex McGilvray


2015 – Unreal 4 engine lightmass photo match test

This is a small test I did to try out the Unreal engine’s static lighting renderer called Lightmass. I took a geometrically simple photo with a lot of bounced light and tried to re-create it in Unreal. Each of the below images shows the real photo on the left as well as an ingame screenshot on the right.

2014 – Interactive pixel art scene : Chasing the Dead

This is a pixel art scene I did that is put into motion using HaxeFlixel, a framework for the Haxe programming language focused on pixel art style applications. You can view the interactive version of this image on here.

2010 – Miyajima Japan streets

After my first trip to Japan I had a lot of photos of various places and decided to try to re-create a street in Miyajima. Modeled in 3dsmax and rendered using Vray.

2009 – Vancouver Sun-Yet-Sen gardens Ting

2009 – Golf course resort viz