Alex McGilvray


My name is Alex McGilvray. I’m currently working and living in Vancouver Canada in the games industry as a programmer. I’ve also worked in a programming capacity in artificial intellegence, education, robotics, frontend web development and backend web development. I’ve also worked as a environment artist, level designer, and renderer in the past which I still continue to do in a hobby capacity.

If you need to contact me you can email me at alex@(this websites addresss).com. Alternatively you can see my resume and contact me via LinkedIn at

I also run a handful of tumblr blogs on specific topics

  • Level design inspiration machine – Photo blog of environments which would be good reference material for level designers. 20% my photography, 80% reblogs.
  • My food blog – Mostly photos and recipes of things I made that didn’t turn out disastrous.
  • Science Visceral – Science fiction art, music and other science fiction reference material with a dystopian bias.