Alex McGilvray


2011/12/20 9:03:42 AM

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Platform : PC/Mac/Linux (flash)

Technology Used : Flixel Framework/Actionscript 3

Genre : Stealth adventure with the theme “Enemies as Weapons”

Status : Released August 2010.

Development Time : 48 hours (give or take a few hours for sleeping and eating.

This is my first entry to Ludum Dare. A famous game development competition where you have 48 hours to make a game from scratch. That includes design, code, art assets, and even music. I did however use some soundeffects from

This was a really fun and interesting perspective on rapid prototyping. Doing competitions like this help remind you the value of rapid prototyping. I learned countless game design lessons over the period of 48 hours and even more in the days after the event where other entrants would give me great criticisms.

I look forward to applying what I’ve learned at a future Ludum Dare.