Writing a website ftp sync service in both C# and F# part 1

2019-07-18 9:46 PM

Although my static site generator framework has suited my needs and been a fun project I have not had a way to easily upload my site when making changes. I've been using a FTP client for now. What I would really like is a deploy command smart enough to know what's different in the new version of my website so it only uploads the minimal amount of files required to fully update the site.

I began to write this functionality in c# but being this is a ongoing project for both fun and learning I've decided to use this as a chance to try to further cross the line from studying functional programming to using functional programming.

What I've decided to do is to design a C# FTP service for syncing my website with an FTP URI and then try to write the equivalent service in F#.

So far it's been quite fun. Here's a quick snippet of what I have going so far :



Tags: park_installation