Alex McGilvray

2016 – Time to wake up

2016/01/04 8:49:52 PM

Recently I’ve experienced a yearning to create. This year has been especially light for me to create new personal software projects. That’s not to say I didn’t start many but this has been a pretty bad year for finishing stuff. Motivation has been a little low. I’d like to change that this year.

I think to do that I need to be a bit stronger about maintaining a routine rather than working in bursts followed by recovery periods. There was an article I read about Jerry Seinfeld regarding how he attributes a lot of his success to forcing himself to spend time every day on his craft regardless of whether or not he felt like doing it. That concept has always resonated with me and I think I’m going to make a more concerted effort to work on something personal every day. It doesn’t have to be a long time, I’m aiming for 60 mins. The important thing is that I sit down and spend some time on it. It could be a drawing, a game, some music, programming theory or creative writing. As long as it has a creative aspect.

Besides that I’m planning to work more on my health. I walk to and from work every day which is slightly over 2 hours of walking but my weight did not reduce. I think there’s 2 reasons for this. First is my diet is not great. I’m going to work on that. Second is 2 hours of walking a day is not adequate when you work on a computer all day. I need to do some extra exercise to contrast the low intensity walking.

Finally I need to allow myself to play more games, read more books and watch more movies rather than feel guilty all the time that I have a million other things to do 🙂