New Article Series : Awesome Flash Games

I’ve started a small series of articles informing people about some of the awesome flash games there are out there. If you are looking to kill some time and have a web browser these articles can help. I’ll be focusing on both the larger and smaller games. Basically whatever is really fun gets covered. The plan is 3 games per article. There is no set timeline but currently 3 articles are complete and the backlog of games is enough for at least 7.

So without further ado here is part1 of the Awesome Flash Games Series. This one covers Tobe’s Hookshot Escape, Deepak Fights Robots and Canabalt.

Click Here to go to the Awesome Flash Games Part 1 Article

Japan Week #06 – Plowing the Rice Fields in Front of my Apartment

Apologies for the lack of updates. I’ve been travelling a LOT the last month during my weekends as well as doing quite a bit of PSP-Vita development. Because of this I  haven’t had a lot of time to post about Japan. I have accumulated various stories and media though. So I’m estimating the week of this post as week 6. It was definitely in the middle of October.

Anyways the rice fields that surroudn my house have all been plowed now. I took videos over the course of the day from our apartment balcony of our immidiate rice field being plowed and put it into a video. This is over the course of about 4 hours.

Also here is some more footage of my neightbors rice field being plowed. This one shows it going from the plowing machine to the truck.

And finally a photo of the action for the youtube deprived :)