GB Jam 2016 : Meowshroom Medley

2020-03-07 9:46 PM

In 2016 autumn I entered the GameBoy Jam where if I recall correctly, you had to make a game with a 4 color palette and you had one week to do it.

I think this was the last game I made on the HaxeFlixel framework and Haxe language. Hopefully not forever though. I love the Haxe programming language and the HaxeFlixel framework. It's a joy to work with.

After this jam I didn't enter another game jam for quite a while. Work and other parts of life took over but recently I've started finding the time and motivation to work on small projects again. It would be fun to do another limited color palette pixel art game again. The contraints really help me with motivation in game jams.


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Catching up with old blog posts

2020-03-07 9:46 PM

Over the last few years I haven't been updating this blog. I'm going to try to dig through all the half done blog posts from the last few years and get them posted over the next couple months.

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F# FTP Sync library

2020-06-18 9:46 PM

I recently finished up a project for syncing a local folder with a ftp uri I worked on in my spare time.

You can find the library on github at

The main reason I did this was so I could update my website over ftp and only upload the files that changed. I also wanted assurances the target location contents to reflect the source folder contents exactly so I couldn't rely on file timestamps to determine which files I need to upload when performing a sync.

However the biggest reason for writing this library was so I could have a project to help learn F# and functional programming. It was very slow going for the first couple months but eventually it started clicking as I worked more and more on this project.

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